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When is the best baby to eat probiotics? Before milk or after milk?

Release time:2018-01-04

Eat probiotics can regulate intestinal function for babies, and did your baby eat probiotics in life?


Probiotics before feeding or after feeding?

Baby can take probiotics after taking milk to regulate the stomach, the effect is good, keep his abdomen warm, and do not catch a cold.




how Probiotics to regulate the baby's intestine?

Microbial imbalance is due to a certain reason the normal flora, the number and proportion of significant changes, leading to the loss of balance of the body micro-ecology.For example: abuse of antibiotics, cancer, chemical factors, dietary factors. When the flora is out of control, it is easy to cause a double infection or an overlap infection, that is, another new infection of the pathogen occurs in the treatment of the primary infection.So we should pay attention to flora, do not take it lightly.


Many of the baby's body function is not well-developed, so if diarrhea, then it will lead to intestinal colon disorders, further affect the digestion and absorption of food, resulting in a vicious circle of diarrhea.When the baby gut probiotics lack, you need to add from the outside world. Taking probiotics is now recognized as the best way to regulate the body's intestinal function, but also can enhance human immunity. For the baby, the truth is the same. Youshould give babies more probiotics, to help your baby's intestinal flora set up as soon as possible, and keep the intestinal microflora in balance.


When is the best time for baby to eat probiotics?

1, when taking antibiotics. Antibiotics, especially broad-spectrum antibiotics, do not recognize harmful and beneficial bacteria, so they often kill beneficial bacteria when they kill enemies. This time or after the point of probiotics will play a good rolein maintaining the balance of intestinal flora.


2,when loss of appetite, indigestion, milk does not indications, acute and chronic diarrhea, dry stool and poor absorption caused by malnutrition, can give children with probiotics.


3, premature birth, caesarean section and not breastfeeding baby can notget enough probiotic source from the mother, protect the health of the intestinal membrane is not perfect, there may be physical weakness, loss of appetite, dry stool and so on should also be appropriate Probiotics.


4, for the low immunity or the need to enhance the immune system of the special moment (such as during a period of epidemic), it can play a preventive role.


5, when travel with the baby, if the baby stomach upset, it is effective reliefafter taking.