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BioGrowing makes a stunning appearance at Guangzhou FIC2022

Release time:2022-08-25

Recently, "The 25th Food Ingredients China FIC2022" ended successfully in Area A of the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou! The exhibition was originally scheduled to be held in Shanghai, but due to the impact of the new coronavirus pandemic, it was eventually held in Guangzhou. Although the exhibition was divided into 4 exhibition areas, covering 11 exhibition halls, the exhibition site was still crowded. BioGrowing CO., Ltd was invited to participate in the FIC2022 exhibition and also held the "BioGrowing Probiotics Special Sharing Session". 1,132 exhibitors in China and abroad, tens of thousands of professional visitors, industry experts and elites participated in the grand event and painted the future.




As a well-known probiotic raw material manufacturer with large-scale industrialization, BioGrowing has brought to the exhibition probiotic bacteria powder, capsules, probiotic solid beverages, yoghurt starter,yoghurt powder products, and probiotic samples with applications in different fields, all these products developed and produced by BioGrowing itself.



The BioGrowing booth was located in the International Trade exhibition area, which is connected with more domestic and foreign brands and finished product exhibitors, attracting many industry experts and professional procurement representatives for technical exchanges or negotiations. The three-day booth site was bustling with visitors. Review the moment when our dedicated staff patiently and detailedly introduced our products to customers.



The "BioGrowing Probiotics Special Sharing Session" attracted industry elites, and the entire conference room was full. Mr Sun Jiangwei, Deputy General Manager of BioGrowing, Dr Teng Qihui, R&D Director, and Dr Tian Lulu, Chief Scientist and Director of the Institute of Medicine and Health, attended the keynote speeches. Among them, Dr Teng shared " The Growing Probiotics Industry, Choice Out of the Box: High-Yielding Glutamine Synthetase Lactobacillus plantarum Lp-G18" and "BioGrowing ComplexBeneficial Microorganisms, Umbrella for Gastrointestinal Health", and Dr Tian Lulu shared the "Research and Application of Probiotics in Women's Reproductive System Health" and "The Golden Combination of Oral Probiotics Focuses on Solving Oral Problems", a total of 4 comprehensive solutions of BioGrowing Probiotics, which won the industry professionals' unanimous praise and affirmation.



BioGrowing has been deeply involved in the probiotics industry for more than 20 years. The booth also attracted on-site interviews from a number of media companies and BioGrowing was further recognized by media authorities, including Ringier Industrial Media, Food Business Network, etc. Mr Sun Jiangwei, Deputy General Manager, shared with the media companies the future development trend and the realization path prospect of probiotics in the big health industry.



To conclude, facing the increasingly fierce market competition and given the rapid development of the probiotics industry, BioGrowing has always adhered to the two-wheel drive of domestic and foreign markets, combined with the existing advantages of the company and a more persistent sense of mission. With professionalism and innovation, BioGrowing provides customers with comprehensive probiotic solutions, high-quality products and services, conveys the concept of health to consumers, promotes the development of the big health industry, grows with time and realizes the healthy Chinese dream.